Dublin Transit Center Master Plan
Dublin, California, USA

The Dublin Transit Center master plan designed for Legacy Partners Residential includes the development of two separate parcels into an integrated Transit Village. The high-density residential community supported by street level retail connected to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station creates a transit-oriented mixed-use development. Each site is developed with 3 – 4 levels of podium clustered apartment housing over a communal parking garage. The massing of each cluster maintains the street edge on Iron Horse Parkway and Demarcus Boulevard with modulations of the upper level setbacks to provide variety along the long streets and to break the block-long massing. The buildings will be articulated with bay windows, recessed balconies and terraces, trellises and varied roof forms.

Street level and park level units will have individual entries or stoops with direct access to the sidewalk and to add interest to the building facade as well as hide the garage level. Landscaping on top of the podium will provide common open space in a natural form of earth-berms, trees, shrubs, flowering plants and decorative paving materials.