Market! Market!
Metro Manila, Philippines

This project combines traditional shops with a unique format of themed stalls and multiple food markets, along with a central Activity Center to accommodate shows, exhibits and other special events. The unique, recognizable curving roof form partially covers an open-air plaza and establishes the identity of the market, which opened in 2004.

This 1.5 million square foot complex includes 600 stores and creates over 5,000 jobs for the local community. Architecture International developed a new retail concept for the Philippines with its client, Ayala Land Inc., in response to unique social and economic conditions in a high density urban area. This type of “hybrid center”, which includes both indoor malls and outdoor shopping environments, are becoming a trend in the U.S. Architecture International has been designing them in the Philippines for 20 years as a natural response to the climate and to people’s desire to have a community social space incorporated into their shopping centers. Local Architect was GF & Partners.