Pcirc: Visitors Center
Tampakan, Philippines

Architecture International provided consulting services to Parsons Brinkerhoff Philippines for master planning the development of the Permanent Community Information Resource Center (PCIRC) and Environmental Field Trial Research Station (FTRS) for SMI. It will be a venue for communicating their advocacies and for translating the mining project visually through modern technology that is understandable to the people.

The facility will be the host of promoting the cultural preservation through exhibits and galleries and will offer opportunities for educational field trips, interactive learning and employment.

All of the above will be linked together to a single goal of sustainability. Buildings will be oriented to enhance ventilation and natural lighting. In addition, large windows and curtain walls will be strategically designed to maximize use of natural energy. Green roof or roof deck vegetation will be explored where applicable.

The PCIRC main hall will be the focal point of the visitor experience. It will be generous in space to accommodate more than 100 and will connect the three distinct wings: the galleries; theater; learning & data center.

The design of the FTRS will include a plant nursery, greenhouses, areas for vermiculture and plant species trials, butterfly and stick insect habitats.

The museum and training center will be consolidated in an adjacent building.